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The mission of Olive Physio is to provide patients with a unique physiotherapy experience. An evidence-based approach is employed with each patient. Considering the uniqueness of each patient and their injury, research based on proven techniques is utilized at our Physical Therapy Clinic to customize treatment plans. Treatment plans at our Rehabilitation Center are tailored to patients' lifestyles, enabling them to achieve their full potential at work, home, and play.


Our physiotherapists specialize in assessing, treating, and managing Musculoskeletal, Respiratory, Neurological Pain and Dysfunction.

Why Choose us?

You will receive a fully personalised treatment performed by chartered, state-registered Physiotherapists who have trained and are certified in many specialities.


A variety of manual therapy techniques are employed to address common complaints including low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, sports injuries, ligament sprains, joint stiffness, and various other physical injuries.
A Large Variety Of


Based on 152 reviews
Jatinder Dhami
June 18, 2024
Harpreet is amazing. A couple weeks after my car accident, she had my back feeling so much better.
Angela Rajabi
June 9, 2024
I had 15 sessions of physio after a work injury with mrs Harpreet Kaur in Olive Physio. It was a great experience with fantastic results. She was professional in her job, had fantastic customer service and work ethics and also really kind and friendly. Every session, she examined my situation first, gave me some stretches and exercises, used proper equipments on my injured shoulder and then did the main physiotherapy treatment. I am totally satisfied with the results and recommend her to everyone 🌹🌹
Blackadder Sunday
June 2, 2024
Knowledgeable, friendly service. Always explains the process. Works Sunday which was great for me.
Bojan Marinkovic
May 31, 2024
I am so grateful for Ms. Harpreet and her help with my shoulder injury. I woke up Saturday morning with slight pain and discomfort in my right shoulder. Day before I was lifting lots of heavy stuff above my head and I realized I must did something to my shoulder. By the middle of the day pain intensified to unbearable level and my arm was locked, I couldn't move it even an inch in my shoulder. I started taking Advil and thinking I just need some rest and will be fine. Sunday was even worst, pain level is always 10... and if I take Advil it will go down to 8. I was talking Advils extra strength every 4 hours just to be able to bare the pain. Finaly on Monday my wife found Olive Physiotherapy and I went. Ms. Harpeet is very knowledgeable, she did exam on me and diagnosed me with injured biceps tendon and rotator muscle. She did treatment and taped my shoulder. That evening my pain went down to 3 without any pain meds and if I take advil there is no pain at all. I couldn't believe the difference just after one treatment. Next day I started slowly to get my motion back and I took advil only once that day. After second treatment my motion went back to 80% and I am just grateful that Ms. Harpreet was able to get me there just after 4 days. I know how shoulder injuries are tough and take long time to heal, so I was thinking it will be weeks or even months before I am back to normal myself so I am super grateful for Olive Physiotherapy and what they did for me. I highly recommend them.
lalit thapar
May 15, 2024
Dr. Harpreet is amazing! She is incredibly knowledgeable and always explains the treatments and exercises thoroughly. She focuses not just on the injury but on overall wellness. I appreciate her encouraging attitude, which kept me motivated throughout my recovery.
Diane Moorhouse
May 14, 2024
Great experience with Harpreet. She worked hard to get me going after my knee replacement and stayed patient with me. I will be going back if ever I need more treatment.
Aiza Luna
May 14, 2024
Harpreet is really good and very concern about my back problem. She really took care of me and make sure that I am okay from time to time. I my back feeling much better now. She is also therapeutic and kindShe is totally great. Thanks Harpreet! You are appreciated
Angad Somal
April 15, 2024
I have been taking treatment from Harpreet for past few weeks for my back ache and she has helped me tremendously in managing my pain. I have been doing activities that I was not able to do before because of pain. I highlg recommend her for any kind of physio needs. She is awesome and very knowledgeable.
Pamela Poblacion
March 22, 2024
Great location for me, no waiting time and most of all great service.
masood talari
March 18, 2024
Harpreet at Olive Physio was incredibly helpful and made a significant difference in my recovery.


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